Decorative Fruit Fly Trap

Modern-styled and discrete fruit fly trap to get rid of those annoying pests.

For a long time I would make a fruit fly trap out of a glass and stick wrap to try to get rid of the flys that could come in on our fruit.  After a while I got sick of looking at the makeshift trap and decided that it could be done better.

The trap is comprised of two printed pieces; the base and the lid.

  • For the base, you’ll notice that inside I have a separate plastic insert.  This is because I was concerned about the vinegar in the trap dissolving through the PLA over time. The insert is just a pill bottle that has been cut and pressed in place.
  • The lid has two built in tabs to help line up the design with the base

The solution I use to attract the flies is apple cider vinegar with a little dish soap.


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