Home Theater Projector Lift – Guide and Files


Ever dream about having a home theater for your place? It’s easier than you may think. A ceiling mounted projector lift to complete any home theater.

This purchase includes all the 3D printing models, code, parts list, and guide to build your own projector lift.

See the project write-up HERE.

A great addition to your home.  I’ve taken care of most of hard parts for you, just print and build.


Please note that this is a digital package that includes the project guide, code, and 3D printable files; it does NOT contain any physical hardware.

The approximate cost of the parts associated with this project is roughly $85; estimate assumes that you do not already have any hardware or electronic components available but does not account for 3D printing filament or basic tools. A complete list of materials is included with the guide.

The largest individual 3D printed part has a footprint of 153mm x 125mm; please ensure your printer can support this print bed size.

The platform that the the projector mounts to may need to be modified to accommodate your projector; the details of the platform are included.

Each additional linkage in the lift increases the max height travel distance by ~80mm (3.1 inches).

Required tools:

  • Soldering iron
  • 3D Printer (or at least a friend with one)
  • Basic hand tools (i.e. screw drivers and allen wrenches)


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